Planning for your Helen Rowe Studio photography session


Planning for your Helen Rowe Studio photography session


I recommend checking out the portfolios on the website for inspiration.  There are: Baby, Newborn, Couples, Families, Children , Corporate, Generation, Individuals, Pets and Pregnancy – there’s a portfolio to suit everyone.  You could even start scrapbooking ideas for your own shoot with the kids or checking out some creative ideas on websites like Pinterest.  Why not take these ideas along on the day to share with me?

If you colour your hair, this might be a good time to consider whether you wish to book an appointment before your shoot.  I will carry out some slight re-touching on your images but we aren’t able to edit hair roots.  However, do remember that there’s no need to do any special preparation for your experience; the shoot is all about being natural and being yourselves.




It won’t be long until your Pre-Session call to talk about the styling of your shoot.  Here are the sorts of questions l will be asking:

What are you hoping to get out of your shoot?

Tell me a little about the personality of each family member.  Are they shy or outgoing?  Silly or serious?  What sorts of things do they like to do in their spare time?

What kind of clothes do you usually wear?  Casual, sporty, smart or formal?  What clothes make you feel most comfortable?  What colours suit you the most?

What is your home interior like?  Is it sleek, glossy and modern with a minimalist feel?  Or is it artistic and eclectic, filled with little knick-knacks you’ve collected from your world travels over the years?

By telling me as much as you can about yourself and your family, you’ll be helping me to plan and personalise the session before I meet you.  After listening to your answers and your own creative input, I will also offer advice about what you should wear and bring on the day.


You can now start packing your suitcase!  The most important thing is to be yourselves and to feel comfortable, so pack outfits that make you feel good and bring along personal items that mean a lot to you. Remember: I don’t have ANY outfits or props in the studio.

If in doubt, pack it!  It’s better to bring too many options on the day than not enough.

In case you haven’t already checked out the portfolios on our website for inspiration, now is a good time to do so.



Yippee, it’s finally here!  You’re about to

create memories that you and your family

will treasure forever.

All that’s left from there is to relax and have fun!

And I will take care of the rest.


The images below are to show the 4 kinds of photographic styles you can choose from.






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